The Beginning of the Buzz

Nanz Zekela

The idea of the Yellow Swarm started on one sunny spring afternoon driving down the curvy road from Palomar Mountain. “Wouldn’t it be wonderful to see a whole gathering of Yellow cars together?!” From that moment we grew from one yellow Mazda RX8 to over 234 Yellow vehicles now. Our purpose: to have Fun – to Be Yellow. We always gather for Fun and sometimes to support good causes. We gather in friendship and to enjoy our commonality of loving Yellow vehicles: cars, bikes, old, new…YELLOW! We are couples and singles and families, all ages… young at heart…we park and show our cars together…we drive together …we dine together…we have grand plans…we have simple plans. We are not the typical “Club” with By-Laws and officers…we delight in the freedom to Be Yellow and EVERY MEMBER has the opportunity to promote and design gatherings. There are no “Club” obligations – each of us chooses how we want to participate…it is Fun. We are diverse and we are fun. Come Join us!